Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sunday Reading

Once you plow through the Times magazine (see below), take a look at these pieces:

  • The Toledo Blade takes a look at undecided voters along US 40 in Ohio, and finds some interesting points of view about the presidential race.
  • The Washington Post begins a four-part series on being young and gay in real America. The first part is about Michael Shackleford, a 17-year-old boy growing up in rural Oklahoma, the buckle in the Bible Belt. It’s both a heart-rending and inspiring piece about the struggles and small triumphs every gay kid faces as he grows up and learns about what it’s like to be different in a world that isn’t designed to accept differences.
  • Thanks to the hurricane, my morning indulgence in the crossword will be delayed. But compared to what a lot of my fellow Floridians are going through this morning, I have no right to complain. So I won’t.