Monday, September 6, 2004

The Morning After

Calm and quiet here now – the sun’s coming up and it looks like a typical Florida morning. Now we’re just waiting to see what Ivan will do…

But there have been some things going on while we waited out the storm. Kerry’s bringing in some new blood to his campaign, getting advice from Bill Clinton – the only Democrat to stomp a Bush – and it looks like the campaign will now come back to where it should have been all along (not like a lot of bloggers – myself included – haven’t been saying that since, oh, June?)

And my oh my, there are some records missing from Bush’s National Guard file. You think maybe Barney ate them? And what would be the scenario if this happened with John Kerry’s Navy records? (The Farmer at Corrente has some thoughts on that.)

Where was Ben Barnes on 60 Minutes last night? Well, according to Josh Marshall, he’s not scheduled to appear until September 12, but those of you who tuned in last night were rightfully disappointed to see re-run segments on pornography and Jeopardy! (Last night’s TV was a bust anyway – no Six Feet Under, either.) Let’s just hope Mr. Barnes doesn’t get pushed back by some long-running football game next Sunday night.

And best wishes and a speedy recovery to Bill Clinton. Drop him a note.