Saturday, September 4, 2004

Tropical Storm

The weather has been getting steadily worse this afternoon. Looking at the radar, you can see the strong bands wrapping around from the center of the storm which is still off shore and north of here. (I am about three miles due south of Miami International Airport.) We have had strong squalls and rain in fits and starts since noon, and gaining in frequency. Right now the Weather Bug is showing winds out of the northwest at 9 mph, but with gusts as high as 36. But all systems here are functioning within normal parameters.

It’s a lot worse up in Melbourne and Palm Beach. They’re getting hammered, and the first bands of Frances are getting closer. A new eyewall is forming, and WTVJ Channel 6’s Roland Steadam is saying it should come ashore by tonight.

I haven’t seen weather like this before in Florida, but it does remind me of when I lived in Michigan and we used to get powerful gales that would come rattling across Lake Michigan at this time of year. It meant we’d stay inside, light a fire in the fireplace, play Monopoly, and drink whiskey sours.