Saturday, September 25, 2004

Waiting for It

The television is full of dire predictions this morning as Hurricane Jeanne heads for landfall somewhere along the east coast of Florida; most likely around Palm Beach, which is still recovering from Hurrince Frances three weeks ago. The future track hasn’t changed much since last night, putting Miami out of the cone of error, but they’re still looking for tropical storm force winds down here later today.

Just to make sure, I went shopping early, getting to Publix just as it opened. There wasn’t a huge crowd, and most people seemed to be doing their regular shopping. Only a few carts were loaded up with bottled water and 50-pound bags of cat food. I got in and out in fifteen minutes, and my only concession to the arrival of the bad weather was to pick up an extra bottle of milk and loaf of bread.

So while Bryan Norcross goes into hyper-blink mode over at Channel 4, I’m going to stay home and write.