Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bark Bark Wolf Wolf

The RNC’s new ad Wolves is getting a lot of blog play and will probably get the talking heads going on the Sunday shows. I’ve seen the on-line version of it. It has all the the ominous shadows and film-noir imagery that you’d expect from the folks who love to try to scare people into voting for Bush, but in reality it’s a waste of money and time. Leaving aside the campaign rhetoric about Kerry being weak on terrorism (bad timing in that there are now several reports out that the Bush administration coughed up the ball on Al-Qaeda several times before and after 9/11), the reinforcement of the stereotype that wolves are a threat to humans is bullshit, and I’ll bet the RNC is going to get a few nasty phone calls and e-mails from the World Wildlife Federation. There is no record of any human ever being killed by a wolf in the US. Wolves hunt weaker animals such as sheep. So the only comparison to be drawn here is that the only people who should really be afraid of the wolves are the sheep. And what better way to describe the flock that blindly follow the RNC…?

Actually, I think they’re kinda cute…

PS: I couldn’t resist the title.

Update: Thanks to the Faithful Correspondent, here’s the truth behind the ad at