Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Don’t Mince Words, Brian

My friend Brian lets Sinclair Broadcasting Group have it:


The gall of even referring to thirty year old events as “news” is outweighed only by the arrogance of using public airways to blatantly push a political agenda, and then standing back and saying “Gee, we’re just trying to present a news story, and everyone’s attacking us.” You are affected with the same school yard bully attitude that’s infused the Republican Party for the last 12 years, and the current administration from its inception. You attack relentlessly, yet when anyone even objects, much less fights back, you get all teary eyed and act the wounded child.

I would ask you this: do you think it’s fair, thirty years after the fact, to attack the actions of a then-young man who volunteered to go to war and came back terribly disillusioned by what he saw, particularly when compared to our president, who, rather then stand up for the principles he then espoused, rather then take action to back up his words, opted instead to use his father’s political pull to grab a safe, cushy spot in the National Guard? Do you think it’s fair to attack the words and deeds of a man of action and conviction, when the candidate you support spent those same years in a blur of cocaine, alcohol and reckless behavior, and now flatly refuses to discuss his deeds and actions for the first four decades of his life, saying they “don’t count”?

If you were planning to present a program attacking Senator Kerry’s recent record in the Senate, his positions on today’s important issues, or his plans for the presidency should he win, I’d still be angry at your bias but I wouldn’t be outraged by your obvious disregard of any rules of decency and fairness. To attack the actions of a then-26-year-old veteran while ignoring the context of the times in which they occurred, while giving the opposing candidate a free pass on everything that happened before he was forty is beyond unfair, it’s despicable.

As Brian said to me when he passed it on, “Well, the dummies printed their email address and invited comments, and I had ten minutes to kill. Will it make a difference? I doubt it…but I DO feel better.”