Sunday, October 17, 2004


The Kerry endorsement juggernaut rolls on. Daily Kos is doing a bang-up job of keeping tabs with the list via Editor & Publisher.

Kerry gained the editorial backing of at least 22 papers, with Bush winning the support of just four, giving Kerry the lead by 37-17 in E&P’s exclusive tally. He has many more large papers on his side, boosting his “circulation edge” to better than 5-1: approximately 8 million to 1.5 million (we will post a complete tally later today).

Among his new supporters were three papers that had backed Bush in 2000: the Bradenton Herald in Florida, the Daily Camera in Boulder, Colorado and the Daily-Herald in Arlington Heights, Ill.

In looking through the list, I’m amazed at some of the papers that are coming out for Kerry. Many of them are in what I thought were rock-hard conservative strongholds; the Palm Beach Post, the Roanoke Times, the Dayton Daily News, the Kansas City Star, the Charlotte Observer, and the St. Petersburg Times.

Of course the meme from Bush-Cheney will be that endorsements don’t matter. And they have a point – undecided voters probably pay more attention to the horoscope than they do to the editorial page when making up their mind – but the list of indictments against the Bush presidency would be enough to make even the most stubborn person take notice. One can only hope.