Monday, October 25, 2004

Excuses, Excuses

The White House wants to clear up the question of whose fault it is that 380 tons of high explosives have vanished from storage in Iraq. But first, according to Press Secretary Scott McClellan, “President Bush wants to determine what went wrong.”

Well, no shit, Dick Tracy.

Then they want to make sure that everyone knows that when they find out “what went wrong,” that it’s not their fault.

McClellan, on Air Force One, stressed that the missing explosives were not nuclear materials, and said the storage site was the responsibility of the interim Iraqi government, not the United States, as of June 28, when the United States turned over the nation’s administration to the Iraqis. [CNN]

Uh, Scott…the stuff went missing in 2003, right after we invaded Iraq. We turned over the nation’s administration a whole year later. So blaming the Iraqis for losing it is like blaming Pearl Harbor on Bill Clinton (which they probably will try to do in the next week or so).

I don’t find a whole lot of comfort in hearing that the RMX and HDX is not nuclear. The fact that we’re missing enough material to blow up 760,000 Pan Am 103’s is not mitigated by knowing that they won’t set off a Geiger counter when they crash.

The Democrats and John Kerry are already all over this – as well they should be. But the Bush campaign has a ready answer: “‘John Kerry has no vision for fighting and winning the war on terror, so he is basing his attack on the headlines he wakes up to each day,’ said Bush-Cheney campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt.”

I think the only response to that is, “Huh?”

Upon further reflection: Why the hell can’t this administration own up to anything? After all the pious cant about “taking responsibility” during the Impeachment, why do they have to sound like busted teenagers when something goes wrong? Am I missing something, or is this not the most immature, irresponsible and petulant bunch of adolescents thrown together since they stopped making National Lampoon movies?