Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Hit the Road, Condi

The New York Times suggests in an editorial that either National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was incompetent or misleading in the evaluation of pre-war intelligence on Iraq’s nuclear weapons capabilities, especially the specious aluminum tubes story.

Ms. Rice had access to all the reports debunking the tubes theory when she first talked about it publicly in September 2002. Yet last Sunday, Ms. Rice said that while she had been aware of a “dispute” about the tubes, she had not specifically known what it was about until after she had told the world that Saddam was building the bomb.


If Ms. Rice did her job and told Mr. Bush how ludicrous the case was for an Iraqi nuclear program, then Mr. Bush terribly misled the public. If not, she should have resigned for allowing her boss to start a war on the basis of bad information and an incompetent analysis.

Couldn’t agree more. And she can take Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz with her.