Friday, October 15, 2004

Howard Fineman Earns His Treat

I’ve always thought that Howard Fineman was a lapdog for the Republicans, but I didn’t really gauge what a complete tool he was until he came up with this gem. He scolds John Kerry for revealing his dark side in the third debate by bringing up Mary Cheney.

Kerry did come off in that exchange as politically manipulative and cold, very cold—a glimpse into at least one part of his personality that he is better off not showing on television.

I wonder if he rolls over and so Karl can give him a bellyrub for such thoughtful and incisive commentary.

I decided to let Mr. Fineman know what I thought of his piece, so I dropped him the following e-mail.

Dear Mr. Fineman:

John Kerry speaks with compassion about Mary Cheney during the third debate, and you call that a “making a nasty political point?” As compared to the complete ream job that Senator Kerry got by the Swift Boat Veterans and the rest of the Republican smear machine? Are you kidding? Where have you been for the last nine months, the Delta Quadrant?

For the last ten years the Democrats have been accused of caving in to the Republicans and their ability to control the agenda in Washington and the rest of the country through bloviation and just plain intimidation through the right-wing control of talk radio and now cable television news. The So-Called Liberal Media has fawned and cowered before them like obsequious servants. And finally we get a Democrat who is not afraid to stand up to them and you have the gall to caution him about showing his “dark side?” Sheesh!

Mary Cheney is not a child. She’s an adult and has made no secret of the fact that she is a lesbian. She has even used that fact to gain employment and some would say she’s exploited it. Mrs. Cheney’s reaction to Senator Kerry’s comment reveals more about her inner torment and lack of tolerance than anything John Kerry could have said even if he had meant to point out to the Religious Right that there’s one of “them” in the Vice President’s family. So before you start casting stones at Mr. Kerry, you ought to take a look at the darker side of Lynne Cheney and her views on the subject.