Thursday, October 7, 2004

Justice DeLayed Again

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay got slapped again by the House Ethics Committee.

The committee faulted Mr. DeLay for participating in, and helping facilitate, a two-day golf fund-raiser held by a Topeka-based energy company, Westar, to raise money for one of his political action committees. The event took place just as the House was considering energy legislation from which Westar stood to benefit; the panel said that at a minimum, it “created an appearance that donors were being provided special access to you regarding the then-pending energy legislation.”

In addition, the panel found that Mr. DeLay had wrongly exhorted officials of the Federal Aviation Administration to look for Texas state legislators when they fled to Oklahoma last year to avoid a contentious vote on redistricting. The panel said the action “raises serious concerns” under House rules that “preclude use of government resources for a political undertaking.” [New York Times]

That’s the second time in a week. If the guy had any class or conscience, he’d resign.