Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Letter from Toledo

The Faithful Correspondent checks in from another battleground state:

Toledo is the center of the universe this week. Last night we had 4,000 to 5,000 people at the Seagate Center to hear Michael Moore, Gloria Steinem and Roseanne Barr (what a combination) rally the troops. Missed that. Today your father and I go to the University of Toledo to have lunch with George Soros. He is being snubbed by the Board of Trustees, all of which are Republican, appointed by Governor Taft, which gives Sandy Eisenberg, chair of the Lucas County Democratic Party a wonderful opportunity to grab headlines. But we were invited by an influential fellow who once was a trustee so we’ll get up close and personal with George. Then Thursday Big John comes back to town once more for a rally which I think we’ll pass on since we’ve been there done that in Bowling Green back in early August. We won’t have the hot sun to contend with but I suspect the crowd will be huge. I’m getting really pumped, particularly after having seen the crowd in Philadelphia and learning that Bill Clinton will not only do a Florida appearance, but will go to Arkansas which suddenly seems to be in play.

More later . . . . .