Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mary, Mary

Maybe I’m not as politically savvy as some other folks out there, but I didn’t really think a whole lot about Senator Kerry’s comment about Mary Cheney during last night’s debate. After all, it’s no secret that she’s a lesbian. She’s been out for years. She was hired at Coors Brewing to be the liaison to the gay community to punch up the company’s image after they backed the anti-gay constitutional amendment in Colorado. Her father mentioned her during the debate he had with Joe Lieberman in 2000 and with John Edwards this month, and he’s talked about her on the stump. So why is Lynne Cheney getting all huffy about last night? It’s simple. Mrs. Cheney is a faithful member of the Bush-Cheney campaign, and their mantra is Denial. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, there were connections between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda. There were WMD’s and maybe even an atom bomb or two hidden over in someone’s basement in Baghdad. And my daughter is NOT a lesbian!

I suppose the saddest thing about this whole episode is that it is another missed opportunity to enlighten the dim minds in this country. A while back I speculated that if George W. Bush is dyslexic he could have done a lot for the people in this country with learning disabilities who need a role model. The Republicans and the Cheneys could have marched the cause for true family values a lot further by welcoming Mary and her partner onto the stage at the Republican National Convention instead of hiding them. It wouldn’t have changed this gay American’s vote, but it might have some others. But the Cheneys are more afraid of dealing with their own fears and the perceived image of a family with a gay child – like the millions of others across the country – and forced the issue back into the closet.

I am blessed with having loving parents who have always been there through the happy and sad times in my life. The joke in my family is that when I finally sat my parents down and told them I was gay, there was this long silence. Then Mom turned to Dad and said, “You owe me five bucks.” Would that Mary Cheney had such a family.