Friday, October 22, 2004

Movie Review

Celsius 41.11 gets a hosing.

A didactic screed that has all the verve of a PowerPoint presentation and all the subtlety of a Homeland Security red alert, “Celsius 41.11” is finally interesting only because it represents another unconvincing effort on the part of conservatives to mount a viable critique of [Michael] Moore. It also suggests that the right’s gifts for spinning ideology into compelling narrative, so evident during the Reagan administration, have gone missing.


The filmmakers state that the title “Celsius 41.11” represents “the temperature at which the brain begins to die.” It’s unclear if they intend for the title to represent what happens when you watch Mr. Moore’s film or their own, or whether it’s simply some sort of elegant and pointed self-diagnosis.

Ouch. No wonder the right wing hates Hollywood – they have no talent.