Friday, October 22, 2004

Phishing with Bush

Last night ABC News ran a piece on “phishing” – fake e-mails where people get duped into sending private information such as bank PIN numbers to scammers. The usual excuse people give when they realize that they’ve been duped is to reluctantly admit that they got conned and defend their actions. “Well, I wondered about it, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.” D’oh.

That piece came to mind when I read this column by Leonard Pitts Jr. in this morning’s Miami Herald. It’s not about phishing via e-mail scam, but it’s along the same lines.

We bought a forgery, a fake “War on Terror” for which we paid, and are still paying, a fortune in prestige, money and lives. Now we are loath to admit what anybody can see.

If George W. Bush is re-elected, one of the reasons will be not that he is a better candidate or a stronger leader than John Kerry – or for that matter, Teddy the Wonder Lizard. It will be because no one likes to admit that they got conned; to admit that they made a huge mistake and are too stubborn or embarrassed to own up to it. It’s a horrible price to pay to protect one’s pride.