Thursday, October 14, 2004

Post-Debate Snapshot

I know I’m not especially objective, but Kerry just looked more presidential.

Senator Kerry was in control of the facts and the issues. He talked about the real meat-and-potatoes issues like health care and had a thorough knowledge of what was needed to fix Social Security, and if there was anyone out there who was waiting to make up their mind on who would do a better job of caring for these issues that effect the majority of Americans, they would see that it was Mr. Kerry. Mr. Bush had some interesting moments of reiterating his stump speeches and once again going with the meme “if you repeat it often enough, someone will fall for it.” He also seemed to think that the answer to everything was education reform and the fraud of No Child Left Behind; NCLB, or as we in the education business call it, Nickelby. Raise the minimum wage, Mr. President? Nickelby! Immigration reform? Nickelby! Fix Social Security? Nickelby! It’s ironic that someone who thinks government-mandated standards and practices for health care is a terrible idea, but it’s the salvation of education. I’m still trying to figure that one out, but hey, this is the administration where up is down and war is peace.

I wish there had been a slam dunk moment. I didn’t see it. But I agree with Tavis Smiley; if there’s an undecided voter out there any more, they’re just looking for attention.

More in the morning.