Sunday, October 3, 2004

Sunday Reading

What I’ll be reading this morning:

  • David Barstow of the New York Times goes into exhaustive detail to show that the Bush administration took one small piece of questionable evidence – the infamous aluminum tubes – and puffed it up to make it a lynchpin in the case for invading Iraq.
  • Paul Berman reviews Philip Roth’s new novel, The Plot Against America, in which he envisions a different result of the election of 1940: Charles A. Lindbergh, aviation hero and isolationist, beats FDR out of a third term.
  • George F. Will thinks that the toughest opponent the Republicans face in Ohio isn’t John Kerry but their own in-fighting.
  • Doonesbury predicts what the upcoming “town hall” debate might be like.
  • Meanwhile, it’s already starting to snow in the upper Great Lakes, and Mount St. Helens is getting ready to do her thing again. And for the first time in seven weeks, we don’t have any tropical disturbances to worry about down here. I can devote my full energy to the crossword puzzle.