Friday, October 22, 2004

Tenet Vacates the Reservation

Former CIA chief George Tenet says the Iraq war was “wrong.”

Although he emphasized that the Central Intelligence Agency boasts “tremendously talented men and women,” former CIA Director George Tenet said it “did not live up to our expectations as professionals” regarding the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the search for nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

“We had inconsistent information, and we did not inform others in the community of gaps in our intelligence,” Tenet said. “The extraordinary men and women who do magnificent work in the CIA are held accountable every day for what they do, and as part of keeping our faith with the American people, we will tell you when we’re right or wrong.”

Tenet called the war on Iraq “wrong” in a speech Wednesday night to 2,000 members of The Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan at Lake Michigan College’s Mendel Center. He did not elaborate.

This is from The Herald-Palladium of St. Joseph-Benton Harbor, Michigan via Talking Points Memo.

Wait for the White House to now trash the reputation and service of Mr. Tenet. Remember, everyone who works in the Bush administration is a good and loyal public servant until they hit the door.