Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Sinclair Snowball

The campaign against Sinclair Broadcasting Group is beginning to get rolling. Salon.com and Talking Points Memo both are running stories and listing websites that are coordinating the boycott campaigns. And now another film-maker, Paul Alexander, whose documentary Brothers In Arms casts Kerry’s service in Vietnam in a favorable light, is offering it to SBG to balance out Stolen Honor.

If you live in any of the SBG markets, go to the Boycott Sinclair Broadcasting site and find out who their local advertisers are and politely but firmly make them aware of your feelings. I can’t say it enough: be polite. Do not accuse them of indecent conduct with barnyard creatures; most of the advertisers are probably unaware of SBG’s political agenda, and they are under enough pressure to make a living in this rotten economy as it is. If anything, we can use this as an opportunity to educate them and show them that liberals can be a strong force in the marketplace too.