Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Flying Blogger Gets Wings Clipped

Ellen Simonetti, aka Queen of the Sky, lost her job as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines because of her blog.

Delta has repeatedly declined to comment on what it calls “internal employee matters”, and a Delta spokesperson reiterated this position on Wednesday.

The spokesperson did confirm that there were “very clear rules” attached to the unauthorised use of Delta branding, including uniforms.

Ms Simonetti announced on her blog she had been fired on 1 November.


Queen of the Sky has received a lot of support and advice from the global blogging community since her suspension since the story was brought to light on the BBC News website and others.

Her story has highlighted concerns amongst the growing blogging community about conflicts of interest, employment law and free speech on personal websites.

The blog, which she started in January as a way of getting over her mother’s death, contains a mix of fictional and non-fictional accounts.

Queen of the Sky developed over the months as a character in her own right, according to Ms Simonetti.

In the postings, she made up fictional names for cities and other companies she mentioned to protect anonymity. [BBC]

Well, I guess Delta is off my frequent-flier list.