Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gracious Winners

The Right Wing is taking their victory lap with all the grace and polish of a cockfight. Atrios has several examples, as does the Right Hook column at And it’s not enough for them to just lash out at the Left; they’re going after their own, too.

But then columnist Robert Steinback in the Miami Herald finds that his correspondents have been somewhat circumspect in their joy.

It’s like putting all your energy into scoring a one-night stand — and then waking up and finding yourself married to your fling.


Nothing that happens now can be blamed on Kerry. It no longer matters if he earned those Purple Hearts or flip-flopped on the Iraq war. We’re too far removed from Bill Clinton and Al Gore to keep dumping on them. Congress is solidly GOP. Gay marriage was pummeled in 11 states. P. Diddy, Michael Moore and the dreaded Hollywood elite were run out of town.

There’s no Left left for the Right to blame.

A revealing line was buried in a reader’s e-mail trumpeting the “tremendously historic victory by Bush and the Republican Party.” My correspondent wrote, “How does a dim-wit like Bush outsmart the likes of scholars such as the Clintons, Gore, Edwards, McAuliffe, et al? It’s called c-h-a-r-a-c-t-e-r. Live it, love it, learn it.”

I had to read that again. “. . . a dim-wit like Bush.” He’s thumping his chest about having voted for a dim-wit?

It’s too late for Americans to be careful what we wish for. We’ve got it.

Don’t you just feel bathed in the warm glow of intelligent political discourse?