Friday, November 5, 2004


Here’s an incentive to be a teacher in Miami.

Teachers in Miami-Dade’s most troubled schools will receive bonuses worth thousands of dollars under a new deal signed Thursday, in addition to smaller raises given to all 19,000 teachers across the district.

The bonuses, which will add 20 percent to the paychecks of 2,500 teachers, could be worth more than $7,000 for some educators.

The deal also delivers on new Superintendent Rudy Crew’s promise to focus money and attention on the neediest of Miami-Dade’s schools despite a tight budget and the threat of further funding cuts next year.

“The superintendent has shown he truly appreciates and values not just our contribution but how integral we are to this process,” said Demeka Breedlove-Mays, a teacher at Miami Northwestern Senior High, one of the 39 schools Crew has targeted in his newly created School Improvement Zone. [Miami Herald]

I doubt that anyone goes into the teaching profession to make a lot of money, but having a bonus incentive to teach in the toughest schools probably doesn’t hurt. By the way, the district is still looking for good teachers, so if you’re interested, check out the openings at this site.