Tuesday, November 2, 2004

The Day So Far

I’m allowed to leave an hour early from work to go vote, so I will. Reports coming in from the media here in Florida indicate things are going smoothly so far.

Meanwhile, we’ve been on edge here, watching the last of the polls coming in. Electoral-Vote.com has been under tremendous pressure yesterday and today, including, apparently, hack-attacks. I’m sure the cable channels are doing everything from ouija boards to chicken entrails to predict how the race is going to come out. CBC Radio Two has been supplying hourly updates on their newscasts with the understated humor endemic to Canadians, but you can tell that they’re more than just slightly interested in the outcome; Bush is not popular in Canada. It’s not because the Canadians are liberals; far from it. They may have “socialized” medicine and high taxes, but most of the ones I know would be described in American political terms as moderate Republicans: in favor of smaller government, laissez-faire economically, and live-and-let-live in social areas. They see Bush not as a buffoon but as a danger to Western civilization; riling up Islamic extremists presents a threat to anyone from North America. Terrorists don’t usually check to see how someone says the word “about” before beheading them.

Anyway, once I’ve voted and concluded what I hope will be the shortest car club board meeting on record, I’ll be home to watch the returns. I’ll try to post some thoughts as the night goes on; it depends on how things go and how clogged Blogger gets. I’ve already chosen a headline for tomorrow for a Kerry victory. I haven’t chosen one yet if he loses – I’m not going to jinx it by letting my mind go there.