Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Yard Larceny

Chris Brown joins the many, including Xan at Corrente, who have had their Kerry-Edwards yard signs stolen or vandalized. I suspect that there’s a mindset behind it of either desperation or just plain meanness that leads to this. (And I’m sure there’s been some vandalization of Bush-Cheney signs, too.) It’s one thing I hope will go away with the dawn tomorrow.

I put up a VETERANS FOR KERRY-EDWARDS sign on my screen door. No, I’m not a veteran; it’s the sign I got at the rally last week, and I decided to honor my dad and others in my family who are veterans and Kerry voters and make passers-by aware of the fact. And I doubt that any Bush-Cheney vandal will have the nerve to actually come onto my porch. They’re too gutless.