Sunday, December 5, 2004

Big Bulging Surprise

Stop the presses. Baseball players use steroids.

Wow, and I thought all those guys who look like they just walked in from the Mr. Universe contest had a Bowflex in the basement.

What’s next; the truth behind pro wrestling?

Look, I don’t approve of the use of illegal drugs* in any fashion, and I think that self-medication is dangerous; all we need is the story of Lyle Alzado to make that case. But the breathlessness of this story and the inevitable threat of congressional intervention harks back to the Black Sox and Judge Landis. The saddest part is that these guys didn’t have the faith in their own abilities to succeed without enhancements, and they’re endangering their lives for the sake of a game. That’s the real problem.

*Medical marijuana is another story, but that’s another story.