Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday Blogaround

Ah, the holidays. The nauseating commercials, the cloying music, the tons of food without one good bit of nutrition. Don’tcha just love it?

I’m looking forward to the nearly two weeks off. I’ll get the chance to do a lot of stuff around the house, do some writing, and catch up with my blogreading. I can get started now with a review of the gang at TLC. You know the drill.

  • Steve at YDD notes a change in Florida’s clemency rules. A little late.
  • WTF Is It Now is on irony alert.
  • Wanda wants to shut the back door.
  • Trish celebrates the sale of a short story. Congratulations, Trish!
  • T.Rex on the Top Ten.
  • Steve Gilliard reminds us of military history.
  • Speedkill on a British convertible.
  • SoonerThought notes that some Secretaries of Defense knew the honorable course when they screwed up.
  • Scrutiny Hooligans want a recount in Ohio.
  • Rubber Hose travels by book to the wonderful country of Molvania.
  • Rook has a Rant about a reporter.
  • Rick takes a moment to remember a date in history.
  • Respectful of Otters on a heartening change of heart in a British “gay conversion” ministry.
  • Pen-Elayne discovers the true origin of the Blog.
  • Michael finds encouragement in a homily.
  • Make Me a Commnetator has a series of posts on teaching religion in the public schools.
  • Left Is Right has a quiz to find out what minority you are.
  • Kick the Leftist sets the phasers on “Stun.”
  • Keith brings in another point of view on the Alabama book burner.
  • Iddybud introduces us to the Beast.
  • Happy Furry Norbizness on how to be extremely popular.
  • Gamer’s Nook on how, for some people in Dixie, old times there are not forgotten. Look away…
  • The Fulcrum takes a short break, but he’ll be around.
  • First Draft on what’s really wrong with journalism today.
  • Edwardpig on why Kerry lost.
  • Echidne reacts to some stunning criticism of the movie industry.
  • NTodd downloads a real Beta version.
  • Corrente sniffs out a plant and cultivates the meaning of embedding.
  • Collective Sigh has corporate ambitions.
  • Chris has a pre-Christmas sale! Hurry in now!
  • bloggg lists some non-cloying Christmas favorites.
  • blogAmy goes cruising.
  • archy on the truth in armor and the future of Spc. Wilson.
  • Natalie says to Buy Nothing.
  • It’s a really happy Friday for Miami-Dade County Public School teachers today; their raises hit. They’ve earned it.