Thursday, December 16, 2004

From the Mailbag

Lest you think the only discontent with the present course of the Bush administration is heard among the lefties, here’s some letters to the editor of The Toledo Blade.

2004 election was a ‘moral victory’?

I find it very disturbing that the Bush Administration eagerly writes checks to Dick Cheney’s greedy corporate buddies at Haliburton for services never rendered, but cannot provide for the basic armored protection our troops need when sent into harm’s way.

For Donald Rumsfeld to reply to a brave soldier, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time” is insulting and demoralizing to all of us, especially considering the “premise” of this war. This past presidential election was a “moral victory”? I am outraged.

Marci Zielinski

St. Bernard Drive

Is this how a ‘moral’ president acts?

The House and Senate should not consider any request to act on Social Security and taxes until they get the President and the Pentagon to supply the military fighters on the ground the armor they need to stay alive.

President Bush was elected on his moral standards. If letting soldiers die for lack of armor is his idea of high morals, then we in America have to rethink our votes.

Our military personnel should be placed above any rebuilding of Iraq. This administration has not shown any respect for the truth – or life – since it went to war in Iraq.

Is our outsourcing of American factories and jobs for corporate profit also part of the supply problem? Not only are our borders broken, our legislators in Washington, in their thirst for power, seem also to be letting us travel farther down the road of decline.

Kenneth E. Barkhimer


Why did we launch war of aggression?

The election is over. President Bush won. So be it. My question is how we got into the mess in Iraq. Why did we invade that country? What verifiable facts caused the President to order our military into a war of aggression?

Did the established Iraq government ask our help to resist an internal rebellion of Iraqi citizens (Vietnam, 1962)? Did the Iraq military attack us? (Pearl Harbor, 1941)? Did one of Iraq’s neighbors ask our help resisting an invasion by Iraq (Korea, 1950, Kuwait, 1991)?

Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, created in 1945 by the Allied Powers who won World War II, defined war crimes as conspiracy to carry out aggressive war, and actual launching of aggression. No less than 11 German government officials were hanged and others were sentenced to prison in October, 1946, for their guilt in this respect.

There were other charges, but the aggressive war portion of the indictment was crucial to the trials of the men in question. An American Supreme Court justice was the lead prosecutor at Nuremburg.

Ancient history, some may say. Maybe so. The German government of 1933 to 1945 recognized a class of unpatriotic Germans. Those who opposed the aggressive war started by Germany in 1939 were hounded, punished, and jailed for criticizing their government’s policies, which included not only an aggressive war but discriminatory laws aimed at German racial, religious, and political opponents of the government from 1933 until 1945.

Who will history hold responsible for the deaths and injury of thousands of Americans and God only knows how many Iraqi civilians?

Al Lewis

Planet Street

While Toledo may be a blue oasis in a red state, no one would ever confuse it with Berkeley or San Francisco. The fact that Bush is squandering his political capital with voters with barely a month to go before his inauguration is enlightening…but hardly surprising. Mr. Bush has never shown any compassion for anyone other than himself or those who serve him.