Saturday, December 4, 2004

Karma With a Splash

From the Sun-Sentinel:

A decades-old Convair cargo plane ditched Saturday in a lake surrounded by condominium towers in a densely populated Miami-Dade County neighborhood, sending the pilot and co-pilot scrambling to safety.

The Miami Air Lease plane took off from the Opa-locka airport about seven miles away, had trouble with one of its two engines and tried to return to the airfield, said company office manager Alina Nodarse.

The Convair CV-340 couldn’t make it all the way back and splashed down in Mall Lake, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Chris White.


Half of the fuselage and the tips of the propellers were sticking out of the water minutes after the crash landing.

Pleasure boaters began to gather around the plane with the words “Eelect [sic] George W. Bush” running the length of the fuselage. Nodarse said the family is Republican and the words were painted on shortly before the election.

Come to your own conclusion about cosmic intervention.