Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Now’s the Time

From Salon.com (subscription/Day Pass required): Theodora D. Goodson, a longtime Republican who switched parties because of George W. Bush, offers the DNC some practical advice from the grass roots.

As someone who spent 64 years as a committed Republican before I became an independent under Ronald Reagan and then was driven by George W. Bush into the Democratic Party (to which, working in a presidential campaign for the first time, I donated time, effort and loads of money), perhaps I have a different perspective to offer about 1) why the Republicans won, 2) why the Democrats lost and 3) what we can do about this situation. I do understand that as the new girl on the block and an ex-Republican, I was not in a position to criticize or have much credibility with the old-line pros during the campaign, but I hope Democrats will listen now.