Thursday, December 16, 2004


There’s your tax dollars well spent:

An important test of the United States’ fledgling missile defense system ended in failure early Wednesday as an interceptor rocket failed to launch on cue from the Marshall Islands, the Pentagon said.

After a rocket carrying a mock warhead as a target was launched from Kodiak, Alaska, the interceptor, which was intended to go aloft 16 minutes later and home in on the target 100 miles over the earth, automatically shut down because of “an unknown anomaly,” according to the Missile Defense Agency of the Defense Department.


The overall missile defense program is to cost more than $50 billion over the next five years; the first group of land- and sea-based missiles, sensors and associated systems envisioned for deployment is to cost more than $7 billion, and this test alone had a budget of $85 million.

Not that it matters or anything, but this program is eating up enough money to run the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the fourth-largest school district in the country, for the next ten years.