Thursday, December 16, 2004

Rudy’s Rude Awakening

Tina Brown says that not only did Bernie Kerik’s self-destruction throw a wrench into the well-oiled perception of the Bush administration’s vetting process, it did serious damage to Rudy Giuliani’s reputation in both D.C. and New York and peed in his Wheaties for 2008.

The city has become just a tad cranky about Rudy’s naked branding of 9/11 for his own political and pecuniary ends. Increasingly, his speeches seem to turn New York’s saddest day into shtick to dramatize his own heroism. It’s been hard for some to feel the same about him since hearing him sell an invidious merging of al Qaeda with the war in Iraq right at the top of his Republican convention speech.

History is littered with the dessicated corpses of presidential aspirants who thought they had it made. It will be interesting to see how – or even if – Hizzoner can pull it out.