Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Three Little Words and Ten Reasons

Back during the campaign – I know, it seems like ages ago – I made the point several times that while it was important to defeat Bush for many reasons, the most important one was because of the three little words that would live on long after Bush and Rove were gone from the scene: The Supreme Court.

Well, now that we have to live with the Bush administration for the next four years, there’s a file in Karl Rove’s office that holds the resumes of the men and women who could shape the nation and laws for the next generation and beyond; the men and women that will be considered to fill any vacancies on the bench.

Mr. Bush has made it no secret that he admires the likes of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. But there are some odious rulings and writings of both men that the Center for American Progress thinks Mr. Bush might not want you to know about. For instance:

SCALIA OPPOSES EFFORTS TO DESEGREGATE SCHOOLS: In his concurrence on Freeman v. Pitts, Scalia indicated he would favor stripping the authority of Federal courts to regulate school desegregation, “even for those schools that remain significantly segregated.” [Freeman v Pitts 1992]

THOMAS FAVORS STATE-SPONSORED RELIGION: Thomas has “advanced the position” that constitutionally mandated church/state separation applies “to the federal government, but not to individual states – a position that would allow Virginia, for example, to declare a state religion.” He would allow individual states to “adopt particular religions and use tax money to proselytize for them.” [Elk Grove v. Newdow, 2004]

Go on and read the rest. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.