Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Blogaround

I’ve heard it’s gotten cold up north. That’s called Chamber of Commerce weather down here in Miami – it brings the snowbirds just in time for Art Deco weekend out on Miami Beach, celebrating the architecture of the hotels along Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive on South Beach. The car club has a show to go along with the celebration; depending on the weather, I’ll be there on Saturday morning.

Welcome Quaker in a Basement to the blogroll; it’s always good to see other Friendly writing. Also new is Liberal Street Fight, a group blog that includes Folkbum.

Let’s take a look at what’s been heating up the blogosphere via The Liberal Coalition.

  • Steve at The Yellow Doggerel Democrat can’t breathe easily in Houston.
  • WTF Is It Now?? laments that Kid Rock will not bring a new meaning to the term “inaugural ball.”
  • Wanda at Words on a Page thinks about accountability.
  • Trish Wilson proves her props as Koufax nominee for Best Single Issue blogger.
  • T. Rex on how the Republicans really feel about veterans.
  • Steve Gilliard looks at the pay-for-praise business in blogging and reporting.
  • Speedkill is back in Boseman just in time to see the wingnuts are still rattling around.
  • SoonerThought plugs Greg Palast’s blast at CBS.
  • Scrutiny Hooligans is looking for a party.
  • Rubber Hose introduces us to some great classical music of a different sort.
  • Rook’s Rant on the background of Michael Chertoff.
  • Rick reviews Million Dollar Baby.
  • Respectful of Otters is still away, but revisit her post on Texas’s attempt to keep teens from learning about life.
  • Republican Sinners profiles the sanctimony of Mark Sanford.
  • Musing’s musings reports in from France.
  • Speaking of France, Make Me a Commentator cites Moliere.
  • Left Is Right notes that the DLC gets it right on NCLB.
  • Keith at The Invisible Library plans to do more writing – a sentiment I heartily endorse.
  • Happy Furry Norbizness dissects Howard Kurtz.
  • The Gamer’s Nook on three new cartoon characters who really know dick.
  • Tena at First Draft on Bush’s hijacking of the legacy of FDR.
  • edwardpig notes that we could learn a lot about how to reform Social Security by seeing where it’s been reformed before.
  • Echidne reports that at least one radio station is giving right-wing radio the heave-ho.
  • NTodd says that the only thing worse than being sick is not having sympathy from co-workers.
  • Collective Sigh on the future – or not – for health insurance.
  • Chris’s Top Ten for the week.
  • BlogAmy plays a game of Guess the Job.
  • archy on fake outrage.
  • All Facts and Opinions invites us to a conference on women and the media.
  • Corrente on Wal-Mart’s wrestling with their public image.
  • The Fulcrum finds that sticks and stones may break some bones, but whips and chains…
  • Pen-Elayne counters the yellow-ribbon frenzy.
  • iddybud on Ted Kennedy and what the Democrats must do.
  • bloggg on the stupidity of standarized testing.
  • A lot of us are up for various Koufax Awards, so please go to Wampum and cast your vote for your favorites (hint; Bark Bark Woof Woof is up for Most Deserving of Wider Recognition). Meanwhile, enjoy the day, and stay warm, cool, or dry; whatever fits.