Thursday, January 13, 2005

Get Over It

From the New York Times:

OLYMPIA, Wash., Jan. 12 – The swearing-in ceremony here that made the Democrat Christine A. Gregoire the new governor of Washington on Wednesday after one of the closest statehouse races in history had all the somber ritualistic touches, complete with prayers and bagpipes wailing “God Bless America.”

But outside, on the airwaves, on billboards and in statements made by Republicans, Ms. Gregoire’s hold on the office was questioned even as she gave her inauguration speech. Republicans and their candidate, Dino Rossi, have sued to overturn the election, which Ms. Gregoire won by 129 votes after two recounts.

The court case, filed in a Republican-leaning county, will most likely be settled only when this state’s Supreme Court weighs in. Republicans say the election was flawed because of irregularities in the biggest and most Democratic county, while Gregoire supporters say the problems were not unusual for a large turnout, and did not change the outcome.

What was the mantra of the Republicans after Florida in 2000? What did they keep telling us all during the hanging chads and the Brooks Brothers riot at Miami-Dade election headquarters? What was the message behind all the “Sore Loserman” stickers? What was it?