Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New Additions

Welcome some new blogs to the Favorites roll, as well as one returning. I usually do this as part of the Friday Blogaround, and I probably will again, but I thought that as long as I’m thinking of it, I’d do it now so I wouldn’t forget.

  • Ezra Klein, formerly one of the Pandagon team, has struck out on his own.
  • Outside the Tent is sharp and sarcastic.
  • Silt 3.0, the blog of frequent commenter vaara, reports from Holland.
  • Vestal Vespa writes from one of my old stomping grounds – Longmont, Colorado.
  • Billmon’s Whiskey Bar comes and goes like Brigadoon. Let’s hope he’s around to stay this time.
  • Take a look at them, and if they haven’t blogrolled me, tell them to.