Sunday, January 9, 2005

“Possibly Innocent Lives”

From the AP:

American troops opened fire after their convoy was struck by a roadside bomb at a checkpoint south of Baghdad, killing at least two policemen and three civilians, police said Sunday, a day after the U.S. military acknowledged five people were killed when it bombed the wrong house during a search operation in northern Iraq.

The owner of the house, Ali Yousef, said 14 people were killed when the 500-pound GPS-guided bomb hit at about 2 a.m. Saturday in the town of Aitha, 30 miles south of Mosul. An Associated Press photographer at the scene said seven children and seven adults died. The discrepancy between the death counts could not be reconciled.

The U.S. military later released a statement saying it regretted the loss of “possibly innocent lives” in the strike, which occurred as U.S. ground troops searched for “an anti-Iraqi force cell leader.” American troops recently sent more troops to Mosul, which has seen heavy clashes in recent weeks between insurgents and American forces.

To paraphrase Major Frank Burns: “Why don’t these Iraqis go back to where they came from?”