Friday, January 28, 2005

Tales from the Dork Side

From NBC 6:

A University of Central Oklahoma student group is planning what it calls “Straight Pride Week” on campus.

Members of the College Republicans said despite objections from some, they have every right to celebrate.

“The general gist is that if you are a straight student on campus be proud, be loud, this is your time to shine,” said college Republican Kyle Houts.

The group has posted fliers on campus that read, “we’re here, we’re conservative, we’re out.”

Members of the Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality say they consider the College Republican’s celebration an attack on gay and lesbian students.

“What is there to say about it, ‘I’m proud, and I’m straight and I guess white,’ I don’t know?” said GATE member Jennifer Rodriguez. “I think they definitely are being discriminatory because there’s probably a lot of gay Republicans out there.”

University officials have given the College Republicans permission to put up their fliers, but say their approval does not constitute an endorsement.

I’ll bet if these guys took the little quiz below (also available from Lab Kat), they’d score below zero…not to mention their chances of scoring in any other way. Besides, isn’t every week “Straight Pride Week”?