Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Big Time for President Boxer

Nothing says you’ve made it like getting a mention in the New York Times:

Sen. Barbara Boxer has always spoken up, but the California Democrat seems to have gotten a lot louder lately. Her opposition to Condoleezza Rice’s secretary of state nomination was so combative that it was parodied on Saturday Night Live. That came on the heels of her decision to sign onto a House member’s complaint about Ohio voting problems, forcing Congress to debate them before certifying President Bush’s re-election victory.

She’s being touted on liberal blogs as the Democrats’ best hope for president in 2008. Conservatives are excoriating her as — in House Minority Leader Tom DeLay’s phrase — the leader of the “‘X-Files’ wing” of the Democratic Party.


Barely five feet tall, Boxer must stand on a box — which she sometimes refers to as “the Boxer Box” — to see over the podium at press conferences. Fond of gold jewelry and colorful, occasionally mismatched outfits, she’s energetic and aggressive, given to dressing down government officials at hearings, especially when reporters are within earshot.


But the combative qualities that turn some people off endear her to others.

“Democrats are so afraid of being criticized, or so afraid that they’ll be accused of being too liberal, that they don’t really act with the courage of their convictions. And then comes Barbara Boxer,” says Madeleine Begun Kane, a writer from Queens, N.Y., who created a “President Boxer” blog. “She’s been a shining light during an otherwise very depressing period.” [Emphasis added.]

For the record, Boxer says she has no interest in running for president. But she’s gratified by the blogs and the Boxer for President bumper stickers selling for $3.95 on the Internet.

Way to go, Madeleine! You’ve got the fire going. (And it should be humbly noted that this blog is on the blogroll of the President Boxer blog.)