Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tough Guys

Wow, those Senate Democrats are getting really tough on Condoleezza Rice.

Trying to make their mark on President Bush’s strategy in Iraq, Senate Democrats extracted a promise from Condoleezza Rice to level with them when she takes over as secretary of state.

And Rice seems agreeable, to a point.

“We can certainly have, I think, a healthy debate about the course that we should take going forward,” she said Wednesday in response to Democrats who criticized Bush’s rationale for overthrowing Saddam Hussein and his handling of a postwar insurgency that is taking a growing toll of American soldiers in Iraq.

“I will be candid,” Rice promised. “My assessments may not always be ones that you want to hear. They may not always be the ones with which you agree. But I will tell you what I think.”

And that, she said, “is a promise that I make to you today.”

Who says the Dems are just a bunch of wussies? Getting someone from the Bush administration to actually promise to be candid is a giant leap forward, don’t you think? I’m so proud of our stalwart representatives I could just plotz.