Thursday, February 17, 2005


Jimmy Carter may not have been the greatest president of the 20th century, but for Power Line to suggest that he is somehow a traitor goes way over the top. Matthew Yglesias nails it.

I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable to say that Hindrocket owes Carter a serious apology. Flinging this sort of totally unsubstantiated allegation is disgusting and utterly destructive of any effort to have serious debate about anything. Is Jimmy Carter really in league with the jihadist forces responsible for the murder of thousands of Americas? Is this what Power Line’s fans and those who link to them believe? That a jihadist agent managed to get himself elected president? That an ex-president turned traitor?

Yeah, I know that the Left can get vitriolic and playground-silly, but even Michael Moore in all his glory never went that far.