Monday, February 28, 2005

Falwell Sucks Air

Via the Lynchburg News & Advance via Corrente:

The Rev. Jerry Falwell is continuing to mend, and no longer needs the safeguard of a breathing tube in his throat, Jerry Falwell Jr. said Sunday.

Falwell Jr. said that the tubes were taken out Sunday morning. He’s a little tired “and his biggest problem now is boredom.”

Falwell, 71, chancellor of Liberty University, is expected to able to return home from Lynchburg General Hospital in the next two or three days.

He has been in Lynchburg General Hospital since Feb. 20.

Falwell Jr. said that because of the medication his father was given, he doesn’t seem to remember the time on the ventilator, although he was writing notes to his family at that time.

The big scare occurred Wednesday when Falwell was placed on a ventilator, his son said. However, it was “a big relief” to find out that the congestion and breathing problems were unrelated to problems with this heart.

The virus that caused the problem hasn’t been identified, but said his son “it was not the flu.”

I didn’t even know Falwell was sick. Check that: I didn’t even know Falwell had a medical problem.

The best thing about a ventilator is that while it’s in place, the patient can’t talk. Jerry Falwell should have been on a ventilator for the last thirty years.