Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Heal Thyself

From the Sun-Sentinel:

A campaign by conservative and religious activists to amend the state Constitution to ban gay marriage used Valentine’s Day to launch its petition drive.

At County Hall in Miami-Dade County, the Christian Family Coalition and other religious and community groups said that although Florida law already prevents two men or two women from getting married, an amendment to the state Constitution would prevent the courts from overturning those restrictions.

“This state law is being targeted for defeat,” said Anthony Verdugo, executive director of the Christian Family Coalition.

Joined by other groups throughout the state, the anti-gay marriage activists hope to collect more than 600,000 valid signatures by February 2006. That could set the stage for a statewide vote the following November.


Nathaniel Wilcox, executive director of People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality, said gay marriage would open the door to polygamy and other non-traditional marriages.

“We must protect the institution of marriage against the counterfeits,” he said. “It’s going to open up a Pandora’s box [if gay marriage is allowed].”

Oh yeah? If they really want to protect the institution of marriage, where the hell were these people last night when the straight couple that lives across the street from me had yet another in their long-running series of domestic battles that woke me up and set off car alarms when the wife drove off screaming “asshole!” at the top of her lungs?