Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Heaven Forbid They Should Learn Tolerance

This story on NPR’s Morning Edition got my attention yesterday – and pissed me off.

Parents at a Catholic school in Orange County, Calif., are challenging a gay couple that has put their adopted twin sons into a Catholic kindergarten. The parents are concerned that the children may be part of a broader strategy to create greater tolerance for homosexuality within the church.

You can listen here.

I wrote about this place a while back and said pretty much what I had to say then, but hearing one more sanctimonious ass fret that two boys in kindergarten were the first wave of the Homosexual Agenda to spread tolerance and acceptance made me shout at the radio. In light of some recent news stories, I really think the Catholic Church is in no position – missionary or otherwise – to be saying “you have to choose between being a Christian and a homosexual.”