Thursday, February 17, 2005

Initial Response

According to the SCLM, Jim Guckert AKA Jeff Gannon got a fake ID so he could sit with the WHPC and question the POTUS just like the rest of the MSM, but in reality he worked for GOPUSA instead of MSNBC or CNN. It was all on the QT until he turned up on M4M sites on AOL; sites where you can find a GWM between 18-30 (UB2) ISO PNP, B&D, and WS but will consider an LTR with an S&S guy who’s HIV- .

Now Scott McClellan, WHPS, is UTC in his daily Q&A with the AP, UPI, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, and everyone else except FOX because the rules state you can’t get past the USSS without a legit SSN or authentic DL.

Do I have to spell it out for you?