Thursday, February 10, 2005

Repairing the Tent

Tim Roemer exits gracefully from the DNC chair race with this piece in the Washington Post:

We Democrats are famous for having lively debates inside our party. Our proud tradition is that we represent the full breadth of the American experience and that we welcome clashes in perspective that ultimately lead to greater understanding. Think back to the mid-20th century, when a young mayor of Minneapolis, Hubert Humphrey, had the courage to stir a backlash from the entrenched party leadership. He ultimately brought the party — and the nation — to a new era of civil rights and social justice.

Now we are faced with a choice. Will the party open its tent to people of differing views — be they views on abortion or other pressing national issues — or will it exclude those who may have different views but agree with us on many of our core principles? I believe that, to be successful, we must focus not on what divides us but what unites us. When we unite around our common Democratic values and welcome more Americans to our fold, we will be better — and stronger — for the effort.