Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Stop Me Before I Quip Again

This Excel class is fun and I’m learning a lot of useful things (so if you’re reading this, JMM, we’re actually paying attention). But when Bob and I get into a classroom situation, it’s a bit of a reversion back to high school for us.


OTHER STUDENT TO TEACHER: My cells are blue.

BOB (helpfully): So cheer them up.

You get the idea. And of course we think we’re hilarious. Ironically, both of us were classroom teachers and neither of us would have espeically appreciated this sort of behavior from our students unless, of course, they were was as clever and witty as we think we are. (You should hear us in the office – it’s a regular vaudeville act.) Some teachers have a low tolerance for such badinage – I remember getting booted out of Mrs. Hankins’ English class when three of us in chorus intoned “Deep!” after a girl tearfully declaimed a poem by Emily Dickinson. Fortunately, our instructor today has the patience of Job and the good grace to appreciate good humor – assuming, of course, we display any.

So, NTodd, if you ever get us in a class…you have been warned.