Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bon Voyage, Charles

My nephew’s Grade 5 class has a project that sent teddy bears on voyages around the country while the traveler kept a diary of his travels. I was privileged to have a bear named Charles come and visit me after going to California and three stops in Ohio. I’m sure he was relieved to get out of the cold and snow of the north. I introduced him to several other stuffed animals (Max the dachshund and Snowball the Siamese kitten have been with me since I was in Grade 5; feed them a little cotton and they’re yours for life), took him to several events like the Sun Day on the Mile festival in Coral Gables, a ride around Miami in the Mustang with the top down, and then a visit to the Downtown Miami car show.

Now he’s safely on his way back home across the country with a full diary and fond memories of his trip, including pictures like this one:

Mustang Bobby shows that Charles has no sand in his paws.

Thanks for coming by, Charles. Next time, bring the whole family.