Friday, March 4, 2005

Canada Mourns

Four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were murdered yesterday in Alberta.

Canada is a country that is unaccustomed to such violence, and the nation is stunned. Compared to the US, Canada has rather strict gun-control laws. They don’t prevent tragedies like this – just as speed limits don’t control high-speed wrecks on I-95 – but perhaps if we took the same common-sense approach to guns, we might see a reduction in the wholesale slaughter that goes on.

The NRA has a stranglehold on the House and Senate. They have an absolutist attitude about the Second Amendment: it is the Word of the Lord. Ironically, they trample all over several other amendments to get to that interpretation, but as long as they get to play with their toys…

I have an idea: let’s get everyone who believes in gun control to join the NRA. Then the next time they have a national convention we swarm the place and elect officers who think that the Second Amendment is as subject to interpretation and constriction as the rest of the Bill of Rights (after all, a strict interpretation of the First Amendment would allow child pornography and X-rated movies on over-the-air prime time TV). They wouldn’t know what hit them.