Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ralph and Grover in Stripes

Sidney Blumenthal in adds some interesting notes to l’affaire DeLay.

The uncertain fate of the majority leader, known as “The Hammer,” and to the Republican members and lobbyists in Washington as “the concierge of Capitol Hill,” threatens to undermine the Bush administration’s agenda; the political machine DeLay has built by allying special interests, lobbyists and Republicans; and the Republican dominance of Congress. Conservative leader Paul Weyrich pronounced that defending DeLay is nothing less than a life-or-death matter — “spiritual warfare.”


Meanwhile, the Justice Department has impaneled a federal grand jury to hear testimony into possible fraud and public corruption by one of the Washington lobbyists closest to DeLay, Jack Abramoff, and his business partner, public relations executive Michael Scanlon, DeLay’s former press secretary. That investigation might yet encompass two other DeLay allies, former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, another business partner of Abramoff’s, and Grover Norquist, a lobbyist who organizes conservative groups behind DeLay’s initiatives and who has also profited from his dealings with Abramoff. [Emphasis added.]

I would love to see Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist get busted. Ralph’s pretty enough that you know he’d end up married to the guy in D-block with the most cigarettes, and Grover — well, you saw The Shawshank Redemption.