Friday, March 11, 2005

Sign Me Up – Part II

Earlier this week some genius at the Federal Election Commission came up with the bright idea of requiring blogs to report their activities such as fund-raising or endorsements to the FEC. Well, in the true spirit of activism that is a hallmark of our nation, a group of people got together to oppose this hare-brained idea. Thanks to Michael at Musing’s Musings, I found The On-Line Coalition, a multi-partisan group, and their petition to the FEC:

As bipartisan members of the online journalism, blogging, and advertising community, we ask that you grant blogs and online publications the same consideration and protection as broadcast media, newspapers, or periodicals by clearly including them under the Federal Election Commission’s “media exemption” rule.

In order to ensure that there are sufficient measures taken, we also request that the FEC promulgate a rule exempting unpaid political activity on the Internet from regulation, thereby guaranteeing every American’s right to speak freely and participate in our democratic process.

I signed it (see #882 on the list).

Take a look and see if you agree. If so, you know what to do.